Zyto Test

The ozone clinic has implemented the latest technology in biocommunication feedback - we now offer the new ZYTO Biocommunication technology system of health to our clinic!

The ZYTO Biocommunication program enables extensive health related information to be gathered through a direct link between the patient and the biocommunication feedback system. This information is then analyzed by The ozone clinic team of practitioners, as part of a holistic approach to improving individual patients' health and wellness.

The biofeedback survey is a scan that identifies the body's biological preferences and aversions for nutrition, beneficial therapies and treatments as part of a process of creating a personalized and unique wellness program for you. After scanning all organs, vertebrae, teeth meridians, body meridians, glands and food sensitivities, you will be given an intensive feedback report that will help us customize a plan to help bring you optimum health.

“One size does not fit all when it comes to health and wellness. Using ZYTO biocommunication technology enables us to approach wellness on an individual basis, creating a custom path for each patient.

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