What is Ozone?

Ozone is a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen atoms, a highly energetic form of normal oxygen in the atmosphere. Because of its powerful oxidizing and disinfectant properties, it is used as a germicide in water treatment and as a purifier of drinking water worldwide.

External ozone is damaging to the respiratory system when inhaled over an extended period of time. In contrast medical ozone as a mixture of purest ozone and purest oxygen has powerful healing and anti-aging properties.

A qualified physician determines the concentration and total dosage according to symptoms and general condition.

- Medical ozone has remarkable bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic properties. This is why it is widely used in the cleansing and disinfection of infected wounds and the elimination of fungus and combined infections

- Its circulatory stimulant properties and ability to improve oxygen availability (via concentration of red blood cells) are used to treat circulatory disturbances and to induce revitalization through the activation of antioxidants in the treatment of diabetes and angiopathy

- Medical ozone activates the immune system to produce a cascade of immune activities and destroy radical scavengers at cellular level. As such, it can always be applied in cases of immune weakness and in the treatment of chronic inflammatory processes such as hepatitis B and C and supportive cancer therapy

- Small quantities of ozone, applied in the form of autohemotherapy (extracorporeal blood treatment and immediate reinfusion) activate cellular antioxidants in the body and modulate the immune system thereby making ozone exceptionally effective in the treatment of chronic inflammatory processes such as chronic muscle pain, arthritis, recurrent arthrosis, vascular diseases, age-related processes, inflammatory intestinal conditions and complementary treatment in rheumatoid arthritis

Forms of Application

Major autohemotherapy (as an extracorporeal blood treatment and immediate reinfusion) for revitalization, circulatory disorders and virus-caused diseases, or for general activation of the immune system. With this method, 50 to 100 ml of the patient's own blood is removed using disposable sterile material and enriched with an exactly defined and measured quantity of medical ozone. Of this, 100% reacts specifically with red and white blood cells to activate their metabolism.

Ozone is completely consmed for the activation process. The activated blood is immediately reinfused in the form of a normal drip infusion. Not a single molecule of ozone or oxygen is able to enter the patient's vascular system.

  • • External treatment of wounds using ozone-resistant plastic boots, bags, cups or ozonized water. Ozonized water disinfetct as well as relieving skin conditions such as itching (pruritis), infections and inflammations
  • • Rectally applied ozone (insufflation) is helpful in cases of inflammatory conditions of the intestinal tract, for systemic revitalization and virus-produced diseases
  • • Injections of ozone into the joints (intraarticular) are used to treat inflammatory joint diseases (arthritis, recurrent arthrosis)
  • • In cases of sprained and painful muscles, small quantities of ozone in low concentrations are infiltrated or injected at trigger points, and frequently in acupuncture points
  • • The treatment for slipped disk has to be carried out in special orthopedic clinics or practices. Here, injections can only be applied with computer tomographic monitoring (CT) and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)